My short play "Is There Anything I Could Wear" will be at Theatre 503 from March 5th - March 10th (Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat matinee) as part of Rapid Write Rewind.The cast will be Conor Short and Rachel Dale, and it will be directed by Cecily Boys.
Photo: Ben Crawford

Here's the full information from Theatre 503 about Rapid Write Rewind (Book online)
Rapid Write Response is an event in which we invite playwrights to write a short response to our current production, inspired by any aspect of the performance including thematic concerns or character observations. We choose the best responses to be rehearsed, directed and performed over one evening.

For seven performances only, we have combined the very best of these responses to provide a writing extravaganza, "Rapid Write Rewind." These performances include responses to plays over the last 2 years and cover 9 of our previous productions. Featuring 16 writers within two programmes, the performances highlight the exciting array of talent of writers today. 

Programme One: Mon 5th / Wed 7th / Fri 9th / Sat 10th (3pm Matinee)

Nick Wood - Come On Eileen (The Biting Point)
Omar El -Khairy - Polling Booth (The Charming Man)
Catherine Harvey - Building Walls (Beasts)
Paul Murphy - The Census Taker (The Consultant)

Tom Green - Is There Anything I Could Wear? (Madagascar)
Catherine McDonald - What Sam Told Me (Slaves)
Steve Lambert - Peter And Andy (Peter And Vandy)
Rashid Razaq - Hardcore (Porn The Musical)

Programme Two: Tue 6th / Thurs 8th / Sat 10th

Ros Wylie - Free (Slaves)
Christopher Harrisson - It Falls (The Swallowing Dark)
Georgina Burns - Mary (The Biting Point)
Afsaneh Gray - Old Bag (Beasts)

Jon Barton - Solicit (The Consultant)
Hannah Mulder - Seed (Breed)
Karis Halsall - The Phantom (Madagascar)
Chris Urch - Middle Of The Road (The Consultant)